Welcome to Cuzy! where you’ll find our uniquely designed, eco-friendly innovative baby products. 

Our Handmade Baby Bibs, & Baby Burp Cloths, make the best Baby Shower Gift Baskets and Sets every new mom will love!

Our Baby Gift Baskets are Personalized for a Baby Boy, Baby Girl or Gender Neutral.

We designed our beautiful burp cloths to comfortably fit around mom or dad’s neck and secure with a snap so that they never fall off the shoulders, keeping clothes well protected.

Our Milk Dribble Pads are also a revolutionary design, where unlike traditional
baby bibs or bandana bibs, our bibs absorb milk dribbles before they ever reach your baby's cheeks and neck, helping prevent baby rashes and keeping your baby's soft skin dry and clean. The super absorbent inner layer quickly catches milk dribbles and the ultra soft fabric provides ultimate comfort.

At Cuzy you’ll find truly unique baby products

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Thank you for visiting our store.

My name is Rosemary German, Co-Founder, CEO

I'm a loving and dedicated wife and mother.

My Baby Hector used to get rashes from his milk dribbles and it was very frustrating for me not being able to find a product that would stop milk dribbles from ever reaching his cheeks and neck. I created Cuzy Milk Dribble Pads in desperation to help my baby stay dry while enjoying his milk, and prevent milk rashes from happening again.

I see this business as an opportunity to spread the love, offering mothers a great solution that will benefit them and their babies. I know the most important goal of a parent is to have a happy and healthy child. Cuzy, Inc. was born with the intention of providing a better experience for both the parent and the child during bottle and breast feedings. Cuzy Milk Dribble Pads allow you to worry less and enjoy your baby’s feeding time more.

As cofounder of a large real estate brokerage, and a highly driven serial-entrepreneur, I'm a visionary leader with significant experience dealing with customers and providing outstanding service.

I strive to sell high end baby products at an affordable price for all new moms.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.